Sweetbriar Pool

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Sweetbriar Pool Has Major Cracks, Potentially

Unavailable for Summer in Lake of the Woods

Posted:Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sweetbriar Pool has two major cracks and potentially will not be available for this summer. LOWA will not know the extent of damage until a structural engineer has conducted an assessment.

Virginia Pool Services, LOWA’s pool maintenance company, notified LOWA shortly after making the discovery late this afternoon as the pool was being cleaned and prepared for the summer.

The pool shell is cracked along the entire width at the deep end and along the length of a major portion of the pool. Groundwater is leaking into the pool.

The situation is not dangerous to nearby homes, the park, or the Community Center.

LOWA Management immediately notified the Board of Directors and reached out to key resource persons including LOWA’s insurance agent to discuss our property insurance policy, and to structural engineers who can come on site in the next two days. A structural engineer will assess the damage, determine a cause, if possible, and help set a course of action. We notified the Lukmire Partnership, the architect team assisting LOWA with Clubhouse Pool/Fitness Center design concepts.

We are reaching out to the Barracuda Swim Team to discuss options for the season.

Sweetbriar Pool was built in 1969 and received a complete rehabilitation in 1998.

We plan to open the Clubhouse Pool beginning Saturday, May 28. In the meantime LOWA will discuss possible modifications to schedules with the Pools Committee and Fitness Committee.

LOWA will send out another update to members on Friday, May 13. We encourage you to attend the May 18 Board Meeting at 2 pm at the Community Center to receive the update staff will provide the Board at that time.

LOWA Management