Fun Fall Family Crafts!

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For many families, sitting down and doing crafts with the kids is an ongoing activity, but finding new stuff to do that is fun, easy, and right for different age groups isn’t always easy.

We’ve scoured the Internet to find a few great family crafts for fall. They range in ease of execution (and appropriate age for certain aspects of the crafts). And they make use of fall colors, textures, and nature’s bounty, with a few spooky Halloween-themed crafts thrown in for fun.

Candy Corn Centerpiece

Perfect if you’re having a special dinner around Halloween or simply want an elegant yet fun display during this time of year, this centerpiece is so easy to put together, your kids might even be able to do it without you—although we don’t recommend it since all the candy might “accidentally” disappear if you’re not around.

To make it, pour some candy corn into a hurricane or glass vase, then place Ghost Peeps on top around the perimeter. Pour in some more candy corn to fill the inside and extend over the Peeps. The, top with flowers in coordinating colors – here they’ve used yellow daisies, orange spray roses, and white carnations.

Check out B Lovely Events for a bunch of other cool ways to use candy corn decoratively.

B Lovely Events

Mason Jar Pumpkins

If you’re not keen on carving pumpkins or are looking for something cool to add to the Halloween décor mix, try these Mason jar jack-o-lanterns.

Start by using masking tape to cut shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. A scissors with a funky edge can make this extra fun. Stick them on the jar to create your face.

The effect on the jars is achieved with frosted glass spray paint. Make sure to do this part in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) without the kids around.

When the paint is dry, peel off the taped areas to reveal the face and put a few tea light candles, or, preferably, the battery-operated version, inside to get a glow.

Be sure to remove the inner lid of the Mason jar or poke holes in the jar if the inner lid is not removable before lighting the candles.

Mason jar halloween decorations
Creating Laura

Felt owl

This simple project will have your kids feeling like master artists. Collect a few pinecones and gather up five colors of felt.

Cut two different colors for eyes – one color larger than the others – a triangle for the beak, a mask for the eyes and beak to stick to, and two long pointed oval shapes for the wings. See Whimsy Love for exact size recommendations and other tips. Attach all the felt to the pinecone with hot glue, add googly eyes, and voila: a super cute craft your kids will love.

pinecone owl
Whimsy Love

Milk Jug Pumpkins

The easiest Halloween décor you can imagine, you may not even need to buy any materials for this Milk Jug Pumpkin. Grab a couple of empty milk jugs, draw a pumpkin face with permanent marker, using a utility knife to cut holes in the eyes, and drop in low-watt cordless holiday lights.

spirit jugs
Mom Luck

Paper Bag Trees

This unique craft requires only three items, all of which you probably have hanging around your house if you have kids: brown paper bags, coffee filters, and watercolor paints.

First, paint the coffee filters with the watercolor paints in the colors of your choice. Once dry, cut out leaf shapes. The tree is formed from the paper bag.

Then, cut strips along the long sides of the bag, leaving the bottom of the bag intact. Next, open up the bag and start “twisting at the base to form the trunk of the tree,” said BlogHer “Separate the strands to form the branches and continue twisting them into shape.”

Use a hot glue gun (or white glue if the kids will be doing the gluing) to connect the coffee filter leaves to the paper bag tree branches. The finished product is something they’ll be proud to display in your home.


Cinnamon Stick Candles

These might not be right for little ones who you’re not ready to introduce to fire, but for bigger kids, this quick and easy craft makes a pretty and fragrant display. All you need is a pillar candle and a handful of cinnamon sticks. Line the cinnamon sticks up around the candle – you’ll need a couple of hands to do this—and then fasten by wrapping twine around a few times and tying in a bow.

The 36th Avenue

Acorn cap jewels

Not only are these fun to collect—we’re imagining a family nature walk foraging for acorns—and to make, but they can also be displayed year-round in a bowl or hurricane.

To make the acorn cap jewels, color the insides with markers and then place in an egg crate or something else that will hold them steady while they dry, like rice, beans, or Play-Doh. Then fill each cap with white glue like Elmers, allowing the color from the markers to seep through. They’ll need about 48 hours to dry, after which they’ll look “like vibrant, shining jewels,” said Kiwi Crate.

Kiwi Crate

Written by Jaymi Naciri on Sunday, 11 October 2015 10:09 am

Good Credit Scores This Way Ahead!!!

good credit score

12 Ways to Protect and Build your Credit

If you are in need of credit assistance and guidance on how to build your credit, then look no further!

  1. Dispute errors. By law each year you are entitled to a free credit report thru Equifax , Experian and Transunion credit bureaus. Go to and request this thru them directly and dispute anything that appears to be incorrect.
  2. Negotiate. If you do find that there are late payments reported or balances that are not paid as agreed reach out to the creditor in attempts to pay them off or atleast agree upon a balance to get the amount showing as finalized on your credit report so you can move forward and build better credit references. Leaving them unresolved will not help your score.
  3. Check your limits. If you are showing balances using over 40% of what is available you are lowering your credit score. Make sure you are not using to the max of what you can.
  4. Get a credit card. Most lenders like to see 3 good credit references. Make sure you handle the card correctly, pay on time and do not use max available and keep those in good standing to build your credit score.
  5. Obtain a secured card.  If you have had bad credit card use in the past you can obtain a secured credit card where the bank will open a savings account allow you to deposit your own money to secure the line open.  Normally they start out at $300-$500 which is ok as you are starting out new and proving yourself credit worthy again.
  6. Add yourself as a Secondary.  If you cannot be approved as a card holder you can request being added at a secondary to an existing credit card which will report the history equally as yours if you are added to a account where the person is a responsible card holder.
  7. Raise your credit limit. If you are unable to pay off a large portion of a high balance credit card you can request to have the line increased so as to lower your usage percentage.
  8. Don’t close any cards. You can simply keep the line open and paid off but either freeze the card in an ice cube to not use it or cut it up and not request one to keep in hand. That way you are showing the reference paid in full but not used.
  9. Pay your bills on time. Late payments account for most drops in credit score its going to be viewed as mishandled if not paid on time therefore causing other creditors to not want to approve you for credit.
  10. Mix it up. You can open a car loan if necessary and a store credit card as long as you are handling the payments on time and not abusing the credit line available.
  11. Stop spending money! If you can save that’s the best thing to do. Do not fall for every gimmick or sale you see and purchase away.  Control spending while repairing or building credit.
  12. Beware of scams. Do not give out your social security number, name or date of birth to anyone asking that you do not know. Very quickly you can have accounts opened in your name fraudulently and then repairing it will take a longer time than simply preventing the fraud from the start.

If you are in need of further credit repair assistance, please feel free to contact any of the highly qualified lenders on my site by clicking here for further assistance to get you on the path to home ownership!

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Fall Home Preparedness

As the weather cools down, our thoughts turn to visions of … leaf piles, broken gutters, and stopped-up chimneys. Or rather, how to deal with such household chores before the winter sets in. Here are 10 jobs that should top your priority list this fall for your fall home preparedness:


1. Change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s a great idea to do this on the day Daylight Savings Time ends. Check the expiration on your fire extinguisher and review your escape plan with your family as well.

2. Inspect your fireplace. Have the chimney cleaned professionally, clear out any leftover ashes from last year from disposal chute if you have one, fix cracked glass doors.

3. Get the garage into shape. Gather up summer items such as lawn chairs, umbrellas, garden tools, and beach toys, pack them securely and store them neatly. Move snow shovels, snow sports equipment, and other winter tools to the front of your storage areas so they are easily accessible.

4. Ready the garden for winter. If you’re in colder climes, decide if you’ll be feeding the birds, and get your feeders cleaned and filled. Empty hoses and pack them away. If your winter weather is more temperate, you may want to prepare for winter planting of garlic, leeks, onions, lettuce, and potatoes.

5. Clear the deck. Clean, repair, cover and store your patio furniture and barbecue to prevent weather damage.

6. Get to the gutters. Clean and inspect them. Make sure your downspouts are clear and that you replace any broken extensions so that water is properly diverted away from your homes foundation.

7. Prepare the furnace. Check that it’s working properly before you really need it — you don’t want to be waiting for the repair service when the temperature’s dropped into the single digits. Better yet, get a professional cleaning and inspection.

8. Set up humidifiers. If you don’t have a central humidifier, pull out your portables and get ready to use them once you turn the heat on. Dry air not only harms your lungs and skin; it can also damage wood furniture, which can become brittle and crack.

9. Consider an exterior paint job. Fall is a great time of year to freshen your home’s exterior paint, with lower temperatures and low humidity.

10. Install a programmable thermostat. It doesn’t have to be as fancy [or expensive] as the Nest. Preset temperatures for different times of day and save yourself some money on heating bills — plus ensure you’ve got a cozy home to return to.

Taking steps now while the weather is still pleasant will save you time and trouble over the winter months and ensure your home is cozy and comfy until spring!

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