SOLD!~ 5293 Musterfield Road


5293 Musterfield Road, Culpeper, VA

is SOLD!

 5293 Musterfield Road

5293 Musterfield Road is a Rustic Retreat that is nestled amongst the woods on Five Acres in Orange, Virginia. This home SOLD for $181,900.  This Rambler didn’t last long!

5293 Musterfield Road offers Three generous Bedrooms upstairs & Two Full Baths on the main level and has a Full Unfinished Basement for all your additional needs!  This home offers an Country Kitchen equipped with Refrigerator with Ice Maker, Stove, Dishwasher, and Countertop Microwave .  The Living Room is complete with a Wood Burning Fireplace with brick facade and mantel that makes for a cozy and inviting atmosphere for family and guests alike!   The area out back has room for plenty of entertaining around a fire pit and roasting marshmallows for s’mores!  This home also features a one car Garage with Additional Refrigerator & a Newer Roof. This home has everything you need to make it your new Home Sweet Home!

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Frozen Holiday Light Display

holiday light display


Bel Air, MD Neighbors Combine For A Frozen Holiday Light Display!


Have you considered Leasing you Home?

Home For Rent

Home For Rent

Your housing market may be heating up, tempting you to sell your home. But you may not be quite ready to let it go, or, when you run the numbers, you may not be able to sell it for as much of a profit as you may want.

Have you considered leasing your home instead? You still retain ownership, giving you the opportunity to buy another home. And thanks to some generous tax rules, you can own your home for five years, occupy the home for two years, rent it up to three years and then sell it without paying capital gains taxes.

With luck, you’ll gain equity on two properties. That’s how many people build wealth – with real estate rounding out their investment portfolios.

When markets improve, often there aren’t enough homes available for purchase in the areas where families want to live. Relocating families may have a home to sell in another area or they may simply want to try out your neighborhood before buying. They want to spend a year settling in and learning about the area.

The market may be good but is it a good time for you financially? The ideal time to lease your home is if you can rent it for more than you’re paying in mortgage, taxes and insurance. You also need some savings that will cover months when the home isn’t rented, as well as repairs that may come up.

If you want to buy another home, the debt on the home you already own won’t count against you as much as you may think, and especially if you already have the home leased. The lender may add a couple months of mortgage debt to your overall debt picture to be on the safe side because many properties don’t rent right away or there may be lag-time between renters. With good to great credit, you can get a low down-payment loan that doesn’t require all your cash.

To help you decide if leasing is a good idea, talk with a real estate professional who enjoys working with the rental market such as an agent who is also a property manager. He or she will have comparables for other rentals in the area, so you’ll know how good the market is for homes like yours and how much you can expect to get for your home.

You’ll have to get your home ready to rent, just as you would to show it to a buyer. The better the condition, finishes and amenities your home has to offer, the more rent you can ask, within reason.

A property management professional can handle the whole transaction for you, including showing your home and qualifying the renter with credit and criminal checks. Typically, this will cost you one month’s rent. If you think you won’t be in a position to handle problems that may come up yourself, you can also hire the professional to manage your property.

As the owner, you can decide whether or not to allow pets, but you can’t refuse to rent to someone because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap. You can decline a renter who does not have the credit rating, earnings, deposit money, or references that you require for a good renter.

Your real estate broker can perform a number of background checks for you on potential renters including credit scores, rental and eviction history, criminal and sex offender checks, motor vehicle checks, and employment verification. If you decide to rent your home yourself, there are companies online that specialize in background checks for landlords.

Your rental agreement should include penalties for late payments, as well as outline clear terms — length of the lease, possession date for move-in; terms for extending the lease, fees for late payments, pets or no pets and so on. You need to be very clear about what the renter is responsible for doing and what you will do as the owner. This will prevent disputes over who pays utilities, who mows the lawn and who calls the plumber.

Make sure the renter also pays one month’s deposit so you can cover the costs of cleaning, repainting and other make-ready steps. Last, make sure your renter has renter’s insurance.

Written by Blanche Evans on Wednesday, 04 March 2015 2:34 pm

14 Ways To Make Your Home & Your Life – Easier

14 Ways To Make Your Home – And Your Life – Easier

Written by Jaymi Naciri   

home easier

Life is busy. Everyday, so many things to do. Finding a few shortcuts is key to keeping on track—and keeping your sanity. Employ a few of these tricks to make your life easier (and better!)

1. Put it on the list

It stinks to be driving home from Lowe’s only to remember the one thing you didn’t pick up. Or be reminded of four other things you wanted your handyman to fix—after he’s already left. Keep two running lists on your phone: one for the home improvement store and one for your fix-it person. That way you’ll always have the lists accessible and can add to them as necessary.

2. Stock up on vinegar

It can be used to unclog a drain, take ink off a wall, freshen up your washing machine, clean your coffeemaker, get rid of bugs, and about 90 other things.

3. Throw that newspaper in the trash the right way.

Wadding it up at the bottom of your trash gives you a place to soak up food juices and keep your trash can fresher.

4. Personalize your luggage.

Run a line of colorfully patterned tape across the top of your suitcase. When everyone else is trying to figure out which black bag is theirs, you can easily swoop in, gather your stuff, and be on your way.

5. Set an appointment.

No one knows when it’s time to change their air filters. It’s the truth. But keeping them clean is key to having an efficient heating and air conditioning system. And don’t forget about having good tasting water from your fridge thanks to a properly working filter. According to, you can check the product information on the filters for the manufacturer’s suggested usage. Then, put the change-out dates in your phone’s calendar so you’ll always know when it’s time for a new one. Do this with your dryer too so you know when it’s time to have the lint trap cleaned.

6. Avoid the beeps.

Apply the same idea to your smoke detectors. Because when the batteries die, they will die at 3am.

7. Go LED.

Climbing ladders to change a bulb is no fun. Using the longest-lasting bulbs on the market will cut down on ladder time and also save on energy bills.

“LEDs have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for incandescent bulbs,” said myLEDlight. “An LED light will last over 7 years (constant use) before needing replacement. And, LEDs consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs.”

8. Shortcut your cleaning.

Investing in a few products that do the work for you can help cut down on the time you spend scouring. For bathrooms, good old Scrubbing Bubbles is a favorite because you can spray it in your tub, shower, or toilet, and come back in a few minutes and wipe away. The Bissell Spotbot is one of our favorite items ever. This hands-free carpet cleaner allows you to spot clean with no effort at all. Put it on a spot, turn it on, and leave. Come back in a few minutes and the spot is gone.

9. Keep the sun out.

Looking for a way to cut your electric bills? Solar screens are effective and cost-effective, dropping the temps inside your home by 10 to 15 degrees and energy bills by 20 percent.

10. Keep your shoeboxes.

“Why pop for manufactured drawer dividers? You can make a completely customizable set with just scissors and shoeboxes,” said Real Simple. “Simply cut the boxes in half by length or width, as needed for your space, then tuck into a drawer.”

11. Go nuts

Forget about spending money on expensive furniture polishes. “Just rub a shelled walnut on the damaged area, and watch in amazement as the dings, scrapes and scratches all begin to darken and disappear,” said Apartment therapy.

12. Charge it!

Add USB chargers to your electrical outlets and end your constant search for a charger. Adding electrical outlets inside bathroom and kitchen drawers will greatly increase the functionality of your spaces while streamlining the look.

13. Make-your-own cleaning wipes.

Perfect for the DIYer, Paper towels and Pine Sol are a magical combination.

14. Mulch it.

A few bags of the stuff can transform your front yard, improving your curb appeal and providing great ROI—up to a 200 percent return on investment!

Best Friend

2015 Coldwell Banker TV Commercial

 Homes Best Friend

Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project

Coldwell Banker Real Estate has been helping people find their home for over 108 years, but this year through a partnership with, we are going to help 20,000 dogs find home through the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project. To find out more about our initiative here

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