Historic Myers Hill Land for Sale~$598,000.00

Historic Myers Hill~Ties to the Civil War

IMG_3093Located in picturesque Spotsylvania County, VA, the Myers Hill land is forever entwined in Fredericksburg, Virginia’s rich Civil War history. The Myers Hill land lies just South of the Chancellorsville Battlefield, located at the Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield, near two other historic tracts, Dickinson and Alrich. Located to the East of the Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield, the Myers Hill tract is 78 acres of core battlefield land. According to Civil War Preservationists, “May 14, 1864: Here began week two of the fighting at Spotsylvania Court House.”


The true owner of the original 400 acres known as Myer’s Hill was German born John Henry Myer. John Myer was one of Fredericksburg’s most prominent and successful citizens in his time. He ran a successful confectionery and bakery near the intersections of Caroline and William Streets in Downtown Fredericksburg in 1863. After the war, he returned to the ravaged city of Fredericksburg to re-establish his business and partnered up with fellow immigrant Frederick Brulle. Together their Germania Flour Mill would endure in to the first quarter of the next century. The remnants of John Myers farmhouse are all that remain of the dramatic story of his family’s hardship during the devastation of the American Civil War.

Today, 73 acres of the Spotsylvania property remain intact, nestled between the subdivisions of Plantation Forest East and Gunnery Hill Estates. The house site is in an excellent state of preservation. Its dry laid stone foundation is impressed on the now wooded summit. The garden still blooms each spring! Also remaining are the ice house home and well. South of the house there can be seen the traces of breastworks and a 6th Corps trenchline running parallel to the period road which led to the house. I have walked this tract myself and witnessed first-hand the historical markers that remain as well as the springtime garden that still blooms year over year with a sea of yellow daffodils.

Myers Hill Land For Sale.

Please contact me, Kelly Gronau Dodson, if you would like a guided tour of this scenic historic parcel.